Established in 2006, Treasure Global Fashions co Limited is one of the leading knitwear manufacturers in the PRC. We offer one-stop services including raw material development and procurement, product design, sample manufacturing, high-quality production, quality control and timely delivery of products to our clients. Over the years, we have built an excellent business reputation and have been supplying quality knitwear products to internationally renowned apparel brands.
Our production bases are in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, the PRC. The production bases are equipped with highly automated production facilities, including fully automated knitting machines sourced from Japan and Germany. These machines can produce knitted products with complex designs in an effective and cost-saving manner. We also employ advanced cashmere spinning and computerized embroidery technologies to further enhance our product quality.
To ensure the sustainable development of our business, we commenced production in India and Bangladesh in 2019, which has enabled us to enjoy a lower cost advantage and capture opportunities within the region. We have also improved our design and R&D capabilities to attract new customers and penetrate new markets around the world, thereby elevating our development to the next level.
Environmental Protection
Environmental protection is vital for the sustainable development of the Group. T.Global believes that sustainable development and profit growth can both be achieved while strengthening its environmental protection capabilities. Many environmental friendly projects that involve reducing energy and material consumption not only help cut costs, but also have additional benefits such as reducing pollutants and waste, as well as lowering the cost to process these substances, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.
As your global sourcing, design, and product development partner T.Global closes the loop to drive businesses forward. With our deep understanding of market trends and digital insights, we bring you innovative solutions and sustainable best-sellers.
With over 20 years in the industry, our expertise and technical skills help deliver customisable product solutions. From design, sourcing to logistics, our processes allow us to meet the growing needs and requirements of our customers.
Our agile framework allows us to focus on capturing opportunities, identify risks, and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Our ability to pivot enables us to have a strong customer-centric view that effectively reduces operational lead time and costs.